Green Lane Allotment Society 

The allotment committee is there to ensure the smooth running of the site. This involves raising and spending funds to improve the site (e.g. the hut, new gas installation to the kitchen), general site maintenance, compliance with SMBC requirements etc.

The current members are:-

Ann Hosker, Sandy Palmer, Margaret Ashworth, Tony Ashworth, John Nugent, Malcolm Earnshaw, Illa Picot, Steve Gallagher, Steve Williams and Fiona Davies.

Vehicle access is permitted for loading and unloading only. Please do not leave your vehicle on the site. The speed limit on the site is set at 5mph for the safety of all plot holders.

Health & Safety

Lettings Policy

From the Committee

The Council and your Allotment Society have a duty of care to ensure that the allotment site is run in as safe and appropriate a manner as possible, as set out in the Occupiers' Liability Act, 1957. This duty of care is extended towards all people accessing the allotment site and its boundaries including plot holders, members of the public, bona fide visitors, intruders (which could be children), volunteers and Council officers or staff. As individuals, we also all have a duty of care to look after ourselves and other people when going about our daily lives, and working on an allotment site is no exception.

Heath & Safety Assessment available on request

Useful Resources for Allotment Members

Please note that your plot tenant agreement is not automatically transferable or hereditary.

If your circumstances have changed and you are no longer able to dedicate time to your plot you must inform the committee.

Plot holders cannot sub-let their plots as this will breach the terms of the agreement.

The Committee are responsible for ensuring the site is maintained to a high standard. From time to time there will be plot inspections by the committee to ensure each plot is being cultivated.

in 2016 our site was assessed by Stockport MBC as part of a green space review. Whist the results were favourable this time we expect there to be future interest in the site.

It is essential that each plot holder works their plots. If you are no longer able to cultivate your plot you must inform the committee who will work with you to help find a solution.

Should the committee feel that a plot is not being cultivated to an appropriate standard  the plot holder will be informed and action may be undertaken.

Site Security

Rubbish Removal

Site Maintenance

It is the responsibility of individual plot holder to remove their green and general waste from their plot.

Due to recent funding cuts Stockport MBC will no longer offer a rubbish collection. Please speak to a committee member for more information.

From time to time we have had unwelcome visitors to the site.

Can we remind you not leave power tools in your sheds. For sheds with windows try not to leave anything visible that may be "attractive" to would-be thieves.

If you suspect theft or vandalism please make a member of the committee aware immediately

Vehicle Access

Links & Resources

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